About Isabel

Born and raised in Aberdeen, I am now married and a mother to two lovely children – and our dog Spencer. After leaving school, I attended College and completed a course in Design and Display. Following completion of my course I began window dressing for a well-known Aberdeen clothing store where I remained for a number of years. I have worked in retailing throughout my adult life and have continued with and enjoyed my display work. I have now been self-employed for 20 years and I enjoy the flexibility and freedom it affords.

Three years ago I attended my first jewellery class, which I loved so much that I started to make my own jewellery designs. To start with, I sold my jewellery through jewellery parties and to friends for gifts at Christmas. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and sell to a wider audience through a variety of shops and craft fairs. I work as a window dresser for a woman’s clothes shop that supplies wedding outfits amongst other things. This outlet gives me a great opportunity to marry my jewellery to a particular outfit to suit the customers’ needs. I also stock the shop with a wide range from casual to classic and, also, a more dressy range of pieces. I particularly enjoy crafting bespoke jewellery items – especially for bridal parties – to suit individual customer tastes and needs.

I have always been interested in jewellery, particularly the more unusual pieces. I work with a variety of beads, crystals, pearls, and glass, forming them into necklaces, earrings and bracelets. With my collection I have tried to create a variety of designs to suit different tastes. I am just thankful that being self-employed afforded me the opportunity to express my creative side doing something that I love.