Jewellery Party

If you live in Aberdeen and the surrounding area then why not book a Jewellery Party? Jewellery parties are becoming ever more popular and making your night a special one is a priority for Izzy’s Jewellery Creations. Whether you’re looking for those special gifts for mother’s day, birthday’s or even Christmas, having a jewellery party at your home or venue hosted by Izzys Jewellery is free of charge. A wide selection of Jewellery will be presented for you to admire and try on while you and your guests relax over a few drinks and nibbles. As an added bonus, if you book a jewellery party for you and your friends you will earn 10% commission on the total sales for the evening.


A jewellery party is an ideal opportunity for you to meet and buy directly from the designer and, if you bring an outfit along , you can have Isabel customise jewellery to match it. All the while you can enjoy a relaxed social atmosphere in the comfort of your own home while you browse Izzy’s jewellery, try different pieces on and shop without the hassle of shopping.


To book a jewellery party hosted by Izzy’s Jewellery Creations please contact me with your requirements.